CeCert is a member of KT6 and KT300 at PKN

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CeCert is a member of KT6 and KT300 at PKN

We are proud to announce that on September 15, CeCert Sp. z o.o. was member of two technical committees operating at the Polish Committee for Standardization (PKN). CeCert representatives were appointed to the committees:
• KT 6 for Management Systems
• KT 300 Medical Laboratory In Vitro Research

The following were represented in KT 6: Mr. Michał Pachowski, Mrs. Alicja Dąbrowska and Mrs. Magdalena Maj-Nowisz, in KT 300 Mr. Kamil Szczurowski, Mr. Michał Pachowski and Mr. Piotr Macikowski.

This appointment confirms the highest competence of the CeCert team in the above-mentioned areas. We also have no doubts that our knowledge and experience will constitute a great added value for the functioning of both technical committees. We declare that CeCert representatives will not only actively participate in standardization work on their own behalf, but above all on behalf of our clients, referring to the sentence of our mission, which is: “supporting the development of our clients by providing comprehensive services in the field of quality and safety at the highest world level. “

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