PN-EN 14065:2016 - Biological Contamination Control System

Standard PN-EN ISO 14065: 2016-07 – “ Textiles, Laundry Treated Textiles, Biological Contamination Control System ” is an international standard of biological contamination control based on the principles of the RABC system (Risk Analysis Biocontamination Control), is intended in particular for the laundry industry. It was developed by the European Committee for Standardization in 2002, and the latest edition replacing PN-EN ISO 14065: 2005 comes from 2016 PN-EN ISO 14065: 2016-07 .







The risk management approach (RABC) described in this standard enables laundries to continuously ensure the microbiological quality of their laundry treated textiles. The RABC approach addresses the treatment of laundry in those market sectors where it is necessary to control biological contamination, e.g. pharmaceuticals, medical devices, food, healthcare and cosmetics. The RABC approach does not cover aspects related to worker safety and the sterility of the final product.

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  1. Certificate from a reputable certification body confirming your organization's commitment to sustainable development;
  2. Confirmation that the organization's control system effectively eliminates potential threats of microbial contamination
  3. Employees' awareness of the risks associated with the conducted activity
  4. Increased organization credibility and market competitiveness
  5. The image of an organization that cares about the quality of the services provided

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