ISO 23301:2020 Business Continuity Management System

The international standard PN-EN ISO 23301: 2020-04 defines the requirements for planning, establishing, implementing, servicing, monitoring, reviewing, maintaining and constantly improving the management system in order to protect against them in the event of incidents disrupting operations and reduce the likelihood of their occurrence, be prepared for them, react and recreate the activity.

The requirements set out in this document are general in nature and are intended to be applied to all organizations or parts of them, regardless of the type, size and nature of their activities. The scope of application of these requirements depends on the environment in which the organization operates and the complexity of the organization.









This document is intended to be used by all types of organizations that wish to:
– implement, maintain and improve the BCMS,
– strive to ensure compliance with the established business continuity policy,
– ensure the ability to continue to deliver products and services with an acceptable predefined capacity in the event of a disruption,
– aim to increase immunity through the effective use of BCMS.

This document can be used to assess the organisation’s ability to meet its own business continuity needs and obligations.

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  1. Certificate from a reputable certification body confirming that you have an effective system ensuring business continuity in your organization;
  2. Effective supervision and ensuring the safety of business continuity in the organization;
  3. Greater competition in the market;
  4. A convenient tool for managing risk in the organization;
  5. Guarantee of business continuity;

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