Supplier audits

CeCert as an independent and objective partner, it can conduct audits of suppliers with due impartiality.
Audits are the company’s responsibility in the supply chain.
We assess whether your supplier is reliable in terms of meeting quality standards. According to the definition of a supplier, we can name a company that provides basic raw materials, additives or auxiliary materials. The verification carried out at the supplier’s plant will allow to decide whether to conclude a new contract or continue the existing cooperation.

Our offer includes:

  1. conducting an audit at a new supplier - a candidate for cooperation;
  2. regular audits in companies from the qualified list of suppliers, in accordance with the agreed schedule;
  3. special audits in crisis situations or in the case of significant quality deviations of the received deliveries;

Supplier audits:

  1. it is a tool that allows for continuous improvement of the service;
  2. guarantee the quality of our products;
  3. is the impartiality of CeCert and gaining a partner (supplier) for the next years of cooperation!

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