Sanitary safety certificate for hotels

Sanitary certification for hotels and other accommodation places is an independent and impartial confirmation of a third party (CeCert Sp. Z oo) that your facility performs its services in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Development in consultation with the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate (link) of April 28, 2020. Independent data shows that nearly 60 percent. Poles expect hotels and accommodation places to be certified in terms of health safety (study “New expectations of hotel guests in the times of COVID-19”). CeCert in cooperation with a team of experts, incl. in the field of sanitation, including HACCP, medical devices and management systems, he developed a certification program, which was divided into four thematic groups:

> Ensuring the safety of employees / service.
> Ensuring security in the facility.
> Preventive procedures: suspected staff / operator coronavirus infection.
> Procedures to be followed in the event of a suspected person / client being infected with coronavirus.

The certification process, apart from the verification of sanitary safety procedures adopted by hotels, is intended to confirm that the organization effectively implements them in practice.

The study “New expectations of hotel guests in the times of COVID-19” was carried out on 19-26 April 2020 at the request of Blue Marine Mielno and nearly 200 hotels located both in resorts and cities. 3422 survey questionnaires completed by hotel guests were obtained.  


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Details of the certification process

  1. The certification process is divided into two stages: stage I assessment of the organization's preparation for the audit, stage II assessment on site - based on the provisions of the PN-EN ISO / IEC 17021-1: 2015 standard
  2. The process of assessing the preparation of the organization - review of documentation, carried out remotely.
  3. On-site assessment process - the audit takes place on-site at a hotel or other accommodation facility and is conducted in accordance with ISO 19011: 2018 guidelines.
  4. The CeCert team watches over the fulfillment of competence requirements for auditors, confirming that each auditor is authorized to carry out the certification process.
  5. The certificate for hotels and other accommodation places is issued for a specified period of 3 years with periodic supervision confirming the fulfillment of the criteria.

What do you get?

  1. Independent confirmation that the sanitary safety procedures adopted by the hotel meet the requirements of the Ministry of Development and GIS criteria,
  2. The impartial confirmation, using audit techniques, that the adopted security procedures are effectively applied in practice
  3. Meeting customers' expectations that the hotel is periodically monitored by a specialized certification body,
  4. Increasing your credibility on the market,
  5. Certificate - an effective and credible marketing tool based on realistic sanitary safety criteria

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